Beginners Guide to Cheap Travel

Learn To Travel The World For (Almost) Free!

Learn the Tools of The Trade

Best Practices For Using credit

Credit is a huge part of everyone's lives. There are many tools that can ensure you have a great credit score as well as keep a great score. Many best practices will be shared with you in the course.

apply and get approved for credit cards

Applying for credit cards is a pretty straight forward process. I will teach you what to do if you do not get instantly approved or denied entirely.

How to pick the best travel credit cards

With endless cards to choose from I give you a straightforward blueprint to start you out on the right track for free travel.

tricks to knock out minimum spennd

Minimum spend for sign up bonuses can be a huge hurdle for a lot of people. I will supply you with strategies where you will never have a problem meeting the minimum spend.

book with points and travel for free

Booking with points makes your travel free. I will teach you the right way to book with points and how to get the most value for your points.

getting the most out of each destination

Traveling to a destination is one thing, but getting the most out of that destination is another. I will teach you how to make the most out of each place you visit.

People Talk

"After going through this course, I was blown away with the possibilities it has opened up for me in regards to travel. I now have a plan to travel to my dream destination for very little money"
Ashley Roberts
"Austin really knows his stuff about the travel hacking world. I'm already using a lot of the tools mentioned in the course. Very happy I made this purchase, can't wait to visit all the destinations on my list!"
Matt Johnson

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